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Team Ironwork run a variety of specialist workshops. We aim to deliver excellence through knowledge and perfect practice. All information on future speciality workshops is on our workshop page.

Athlete Testimonials

Team Ironwork have been improving athletes since 2012. We have a proven track record of helping Crossfit athletes achieve podiums at all levels of competition. Read some of our recent Team Ironwork Athlete endorsements here.


Feel part of the team and enhance your training with some of our quality, hand selected apparel and accessories. Head over to the Team Ironwork Shop or speak to us in person to order your very own kit.


Gareth Ironwork Crossfit Fitness Atheletes Competition

The Ironwork mission is to provide athletes with a specific training programme aimed at helping them compete and achieve their goals in the sport of fitness. Team Ironwork is made up of individuals who are experts in their fields of Programming, Strength, Movement, Conditioning and Competition.

The Ironwork methodology is born out of more than 40 years experience in lecturing, competing and Coaching in competitive sport. We have been part of the evolution of Fitness Sport since 2011 and have qualified athletes for Regionals every year since. We have a proven track record of putting athletes on podiums across Europe on a regular basis. The Ironwork Programme has also produced National Weightlifting and Powerlifting medalists.

Join the Ironwork Programme to access a blueprint that is proven to outperform the linear progression achieved following a general physical preparedness programme. Team Ironwork is committed to excellence and providing the right programme and support for you.